The Birth Of A New Neurosciences Centre

We are very proud to announce with the CMC outpatient facility at Centennial Park that a new Neurosciences Centre has been born. We could all have sat at home with our families and forgotten our birth right and medical heritage. We regard it as an absolute requirement to provide people with neurological disorders the care, investigations and management that they have always needed and would now be either denied or restricted. The inability for people to get their prescriptions for sinister diseases, not get appointments to determine if they had brain tumours, epilepsy, raised pressure inside their head and many other disorders had to be addressed urgently.


We now have a new facility which is called NeuroHealthCare @ CMC, which has risen from the ashes of neurological care. We are now able to offer consultant neurological opinion, consultant neurophysiology examination, neurophysiology technology (EEG, Nerve Conduction Study and Evoked Potentials), spinal surgical, pain specialism, movement disorder and general medical input as part of this new neurosciences resource. In retrospect, this should have been put together in North London years ago. I think all of us in the neurosciences can only apologise to our general practitioner colleagues and patients who trusted us that we did not generate this facility sooner. Maybe this will be one of those strange fringe benefits of this terrible time. We have planned with 2 local independent scanning facilities to get the highest quality MR scans and other tests. We have arranged for leading cardiology input. Cardiologists and neurologists have always worked hand in glove since the beginning of modern medical practice. We can’t function without them and they without us. It was natural that we should be conjoined in this venture.


The consultants and testing will usually be covered by the private insurance schemes or you can consult without insurance. Always check your policy. We will have access to the best quality physiotherapy and other rehabilitation therapies in the future, once their lockdown is  if removed. We do not agree with this restriction as it has denied people the desperate care they need to keep mobile, look after children or even get food.


The key in medicine is always diagnosis. Without diagnosis you cannot answer the crucial question “doc what is going to happen to me?” With a diagnosis, every condition can be managed. In neurology practice regrettably there are disease processes that are a major challenge. In these situations, the diagnosis is paramount. Whatever treatment is available can be provided and planning for the future made. Many symptoms are very troubling, many from benign not sinister processes but can still be managed very effectively.


Do let your GP know that we are available on:


0203 327 7777




There are a large number of articles and information about the practice of the neurosciences that follow.


We are all totally dependent on our brain and nervous system. We have more than 60 billion neurons (nerve cells) each of which have up to 10,000 connections within our brains. Our spinal cord and peripheral nerves are an equal wonder of the universe. The heart is just a pump but vital for our survival. It isn’t surprising that such a complex set of structures can go wrong. There is more that we can do about these fallibilities than you might realise given modern advances. Come and see us with any issue as discussed below, and we will do everything in our power to sort this out for you.


I do hope that you have kept well in this terrible crisis that has befallen the world. Regrettably none of the other conditions have taken a holiday. Long after COVID-19 has been conquered, we will still be looking after all of you, who have neurological, spinal, cardiac and pain conditions. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” (Franklin D Roosevelt)


Do everything the government has guided but they have indicated very clearly that health and medical matters must not be ignored.