Consultant Cardiologist - Dr Anthony Nathan

Dr Michael Gross

Anthony Nathan trained at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London, graduating in 1975, and obtained his membership of the Royal College of Physicians two years later becoming a Fellow subsequent to that. His role evolved from leading research, especially in arrhythmias, to performing the first catheter ablation in Europe. Together with a colleague he established the Barts Heart Transplant Unit.  He ran a large national arrhythmia service and later took a major role in management as Head of Cardiac Services. More recently, in 2009, he moved to Watford General Hospital to set up a new Arrhythmia Unit. In 2016, after more than 40 years of service, he left the NHS although he is still an honorary consultant at Watford.


Dr Nathan is trained in clinical cardiology, specialising within interventional electrophysiology, having been involved in this sub-specialty since it started. He looks after all types of patients with arrhythmias and looks after patients with implantable pacemakers defibrillators including biventricular devices (cardiac resynchronisation therapy) for heart failure. Helping patients find the cause of strokes, mini-strokes and blackouts or falls has been a major interest for many years. Dr Nathan also has a major interest in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary disease. He is fully involved in the care of patients with other cardiac problems including hypertension and cardiac failure. His private practice is based in Northwest London.


Away from work he enjoys sailing, which he does predominantly on his boat in Cornwall and he is also a keen walker and has travelled extensively to far-flung locations. Photography now plays a major role in his life, particularly Landscape, Street Photography, Macro and Travel. He takes an active interest in sport and is a season ticket holder at the Arsenal and is a keen off-piste skier and is also a trail cyclist. He is passionate about the theatre and opera and also in ballet and contemporary dance.


To arrange a consultation or for further information, Dr Nathan can be contacted on 020 8420 4471