Welcome to NeuroHealthCare @ CMC

Thank you for visiting this site. A brand-new venture born in April 2020. As consultant neurologists and neurophysiologists, there are many barriers preventing us from helping people with neurological problems. The NHS has needed to shut down many services for good reasons as we all know.

The WHY and WHAT of Neurology?

Headache, funny turns, dizziness, blackouts, head injury, backache, neck pain and all pain disorders, sensory symptoms, weakness, loss of vision, hearing or smell, impotence, incontinence and much more make up the symptoms of NEUROLOGY.


There are more diagnoses in neurological practice than all the other medical conditions combined. The Association of British Neurologists says “All patients with neurological symptoms should be seen by a neurologist". We are here to fulfil that obligation. We are delighted to have cardiology, medicine, spinal and pain management consultants available.


The world crisis caused by Covid-19 is a major worry for all of us. The NHS has had an outstanding reaction to this pandemic. The problem now is that none of the other conditions have taken a holiday, meaning that people cannot get diagnosed and treated. The government has clearly stated that all medical treatment MUST continue, and we can help in a small way by making sure incapacitating and /or sinister problems are dealt with. A member of the team will call to check you have no infectious symptoms. We are meticulous with infection control and if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask and the doctor so doing, we will oblige. If you have fever or persistent cough, then do not attend but call 111.